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spacecaptainoftheforest replied to your post: Okay, okay, last one for now. But I wa…


Sadly he’s not usually that cute. He’s just a humanized version of my little cartoon villain guy, Conway. 

28 July 14 - 7 notes
Okay, okay, last one for now. But I was just thinking about human Conway and how he’d look. He’s not a heavy drinker; he’s just got rosacea. 28 July 14 - 7 notes
There’s an art jam for drawing cute animals having tea, but all I wanna draw right now is this jerk. 28 July 14 - 9 notes
Since Void comics get voted on, I’m not supposed to post them here until their voting period is over (Though I haven’t even submitted this one for approval yet >v>) so I thought I’d mess around with one of the panels and post it here as a teaser.
Hopefully they’ll like ol’ jerkface Conway so he’ll get approved and I can do fun stuff with him. 28 July 14 - 7 notes
27 July 14 - 4 notes

panzermause replied to your post: Aw yiss, the full toon is realized. Ai…

Dude, if you decide to submit him to VOID, y’should see about battling Kozi! I think he’d be a great match against Mimi the Mime

Hehe I don’t think I’d stand a chance but it would be a really fun match, so I might as her about it!

26 July 14 - 2 notes
Aw yiss, the full toon is realized. Ain’t he a charmer? 26 July 14 - 12 notes
It happened. Gonna add to this after work to show the kind of stuff he can do and his little sales buggy. 26 July 14 - 8 notes
Oh no I’m in love with it. I don’t wanna change Speedy so I’ll have to make a new guy using this style. Maybe an enterVOID fighter since the style could be really fun for comics. 26 July 14 - 8 notes
Those Al Columbia comics are trippy stuff. The Monkey Boy reminded me a lot of Speedy (Mainly in being tiny, greedy, and unreasonably strong enough to pull a man’s head off with his bare hands) so of course that would put TM as Seymour Sunshine.  As it turns out, Speedy makes a cute scary little toon. 26 July 14 - 5 notes
25 July 14 - 14 notes

Finished that sketch of Daniele from last night. He’s a sweet snarky babu who just can’t get a break and I love him <3
He belongs to Karms~

Hehehe~ Thank you Zee, you got him just right. And he likely makes that face a lot pff. 24 July 14 - 4 notes

zeenis replied to your post: I found some missing cosplay photos an…

Omg what was it like getting out of it?

Sweaty and unnerving pfft. It wasn’t tight enough to squeeze me but it was still like a second skin so it’d be an accurate dummy and had to be cut off along the side seams.

23 July 14 - 2 notes

I found some missing cosplay photos and I found my pictures Grandma took when we were making the duct tape dummy for my fursuit.



Those cardboard tubes are there because my arms kept getting tired since it took a long while to do. I am the duct tape golem.

23 July 14 - 10 notes

viridian-sun says
*sends bearhugs*

22 July 14 - 3 notes