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22 July 14 - 2 notes
I read that Macellarius tend to live in little groups since they’re such a ‘familial’ bloodline, so I drew Henri some housemates. Pearl is Evelyn’s childe but since she’s pushing 70 she still looks down on Daniele for being so young. She’s on the snobby side but generally fond of Henri and Evelyn, and tries to live up to both the Ventrue reputation of grace and the Macellarius one of politeness with them when she’s at public events.Evelyn is more formal and doesn’t put herself on a pedestal but she has a lot of confidence in herself and her abilities. She seems sweet like Henri does at first but is ruthless about getting what she wants and can quickly turn to frightening if she doesn’t get her way. 21 July 14 - 8 notes

My name’s Alexandria because my grandma threw a fit when Mom wanted to name me Scarlet and neither of them cared for Alexandra.

21 July 14 - 4 notes
Aaand a fusion gem for good measure. I’m not sure how the gems are usually chosen for what fusion gems become but I picked one I thought worked. Milo’s attitude totally overpowers Nick’s personality but Nick’s form and balance lends into making this long limbed fusion very dangerous fft. 20 July 14 - 11 notes
20 July 14 - 10 notes
20 July 14 - 7 notes
Break dragons from the other night. 20 July 14 - 9 notes
A second overnight shift in a row. I drew Daniele being cute to cheer myself up. It helped a little, especially since this is the first I’ve drawn him smiling. 18 July 14 - 10 notes

so like Karmalarma made vampires cool for me in one fell swoop. Thank you for Henri
bonus Daniele:

Ahhh~! Thank you! This is a really nice surprise to come back to and I’m glad you like my vampires hehehe. 17 July 14 - 7 notes
Dinner with Sire

A little story thing with some interaction between Henri and Daniele. I think Daniele getting turned into a vampire ruined his life more than I originally meant for it to. Oops.

Warning for blood and cannibalism and stuff like that.

16 July 14 - 2 notes

Ew tumblr made it blurry.

15 July 14 - 1 note
15 July 14 - 14 notes
A little visual guide on how I draw pudgy characters’ body types. They change depending on height and weight but these are the basic sort of templates I use. Sorta rolly, round, and pear shaped hehe. 15 July 14 - 16 notes

I doodled this and nearly fell asleep. I don’t remember what Henri was going to say. He’s probably trying really hard to brag about his childe but Daniele is just giving him the cold shoulder. You’re gonna embarrass him in front of the other Elders, Daniele, pls.

15 July 14 - 7 notes

"The Macellarius are known for three things, their exceptional good manners, their enormous girth and the fact that they, alone among kindred, actually consume the meat as well as the blood of their victims. Gluttons (they would say gourmands) for food, they also indulge their lusts for material possessions, personal prestige and, above all, power. They are, after all, Ventrue to the core."

I hope the books have some more information on them. All the other bloodlines have a page on the wiki but the flesh eating vampires only get a couple sentences. A downright shame. :’<

15 July 14 - 2 notes